Repair printer

Sad but true: any office supplies sooner or later fails, and printers are no exception. Fortunately, throw a faulty printer is not necessarily. Surely it can still be brought back to life. There are several typical faults, because of which breaks down most printers. About them we will talk.

The basic malfunctions of laser printers:

  • breaking the paper path, as a result of wear and tear, the use of poor-quality paper or foreign objects;
  • failure in image fixing unit due to damage to the fuser, or heating element control unit;
  • malfunction in the image transfer unit, a cartridge or damage caused by the laser head.

Among the most common causes of printer problems as pollution concerns parts of the device dust.

Often the cause of failure is the improper operation of the printer unit. Therefore, before using the printer, be sure to read the instructions for the work with your device. This will help to avoid annoying errors in the operation of the device, which can cause serious malfunctions.

Diagnosis: work, that lets you know what the printer components may fail in the near future, and what parts of the printer should be replaced in order to continue serving the unit for a long time.

Prevention: cleaning operation device from dust, as well as its various operational lubricant nodes.

Repair: when repairing the device, we use original spare parts manufacturers. If the device is obsolete and the manufacturer no longer produces the corresponding components, in such cases, we use analogues, which are cheaper than original spare parts, but perfectly replace the original, but outdated parts.

A faulty device can deliver directly to us. Our address: Naugraduko str. 41, Vilnius.

Cost of services :


Ink printers FREE
Laser printers FREE
Copiers FREE


Ink printers from 10€
Laser printers from 10€
Multifunction devices from 10€
Color laser printers from 15€
Color multifunction devices from 15€
Copiers from 15€


The cost of repair depends on the problem and used parts. We inform all of our customers about the repair cost for the service even before the start of repair work if the price of the repair is more than 25 €. If the price is below 25 €, the repair is carried out automatically.